Justin Timmer

Family Lawyer

Justin is a Senior Family Lawyer who practices exclusively in family law.

He takes an empathetic approach to parenting and property matters, appreciating that the breakdown of a relationship can be difficult.

Justin has previously practiced in  in retail and commercial leasing law, personal insolvency law and corporate insolvency law, meaning that he is able to understand complex corporate/business structures, corporate and personal insolvency matters, that may be relevant to a family law property settlement.

He will advocate for his client’s, whether at mediation or in the Court Room, to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients.

He has extensive experience in parenting matters involving allegations of domestic violence, family violence, drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Justin can advise client’s in relation to appropriate parenting arrangements and associated risk issues, understanding that almost every situation is different.

He will advise client’s if any domestic violence, family violence and/parenting matters will have any impact on a family law property settlement.

Client’s will receive empathetic, pragmatic and practical advice, ensuring that they are fully informed of their options, during what can be, an extremely stressful time and an otherwise confusing time.