Child Support

The level of Child Support payable is assessed by the Child Support Agency. However, if you wish to enter into an alternative payment arrangement with the other parent, it is wise to get an experienced family lawyer on your side, as they will help tailor a solution that’s right for you.

An assessment by the Child Support Agency takes into account each parent’s income and the amount of time the children spend in each parent’s household. Based on these variables, the assessment determines the amount of child support payable each week (periodic payments) and which parent must pay it.

The Child Support Assessment does not provide for payments to be made to third parties for expenses such as school fees, healthcare and insurance. Payments to third parties are referred to as ‘non-periodic payments’ and some parents prefer this option.

However, there are other options which may also be considered, such as a lump sum payment or an agreement for one parent to retain an additional portion of the property in a property settlement in lieu of ongoing periodic and/or non-periodic child support payments.

Your Conditsis family lawyer will walk you through the various options and help guide you towards a tailored solution to suit your particular circumstances.

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