Consent Orders

An Application for Consent Orders sets out the agreement that has been reached between the parties in relation to their parenting and/or property arrangements.

If you have reached an agreement with your former spouse or de facto partner in relation to parenting arrangements and/or a property settlement, we can assist you with drafting an Application for Consent Orders to formalise your agreement with the Court.

In many cases, parties are able to reach agreement themselves in relation to the care arrangements and long-term decisions for their child/children and how their relationship assets are to be divided. On other occasions, parties may need to participate in an alternative dispute resolution process, such as mediation, to help them reach an agreement.

An experienced family lawyer from our Family Law team at Conditsis Lawyers Newcastle will help you navigate the entire process.

Once an agreement between parties has been reached, the agreement is formalised by way of Consent Orders filed with the Family Court. If the agreement is not formalised, it cannot be enforced. The Application for Consent Orders sets out the current financial position (in property matters) and identifies the current living, care and financial arrangements for the child/children (in parenting matters).

The Application is signed by all parties and then filed with the Court by your family lawyer. Provided the Court is satisfied that the agreement reached between the parties is appropriate in all the circumstances, the Court will then make the Orders. Neither you nor your former spouse/de facto partner are required to attend Court.

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