Sexual Offences

Have you been accused of or charged with a sexual offence? Conditsis Lawyers can help protect your reputation and future by fighting hard for you to achieve the best outcome possible.

Being charged with a sexual offence or an assault involving acts of indecency can be frightening and intensely confronting. The stigma attached to these types of charges can put you and your loved ones under significant stress, emotionally and financially, especially if you are not guilty of the offence. That’s why it is critical that the legal team you choose will not only fight hard for you, but will also show empathy, understanding and complete discretion and non-judgement when working with you.

In NSW, the penalties for sexual offences are severe and have the potential to have serious implications on your life. It is therefore essential to appoint an experienced criminal lawyer who not only understands the technical aspects of the law as it relates to sexual offences, but who also has the experience and track record to achieve the best result.

At Conditsis Lawyers Newcastle, our team has represented many clients charged with sexual offences in the Local, District and Supreme Courts and guarantee to leave no stone unturned when preparing for your trial. We promise to ease the burden by fighting hard to protect your rights and future.

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